This post is a response to The Daily Post’s  Opening Lines

8 years old, we’re told: “You’re too young to unlearn how to smile and hate the world”

The first line of Nicole Zefanya’s* original song Little Souls

Oh, to be young and free to discover the wonders of the world. Not. I have reached that certain point in my life where I start to lose the ability to see things a positive point of view and just cringe at everything that is happening to my life. There is a reason why every one of us exists and having no idea why you exist is depressing.

Things have been going downhill for me in the past 2 years. I lost all motivation to do good in school**. I keep on trying new things and failing at it. I tried stepping out of my comfort zone, only to regret it. I have literally no plans for my future. And probably worst of all: I have become horrible at the things I used to be so good at. It’s been two long years and I have been a constant disappointment. If I can’t do anything good in my life, what is the point of moving forward? Why am I still alive? Why do I continue living if I eventually die and be forgotten?


Good thing songs like Little Souls exist for people like me.

Nicole Zefanya’s Little Souls always reminds me of the good ol’ times when things were simpler and you didn’t have to impress everybody. We’ve been too busy growing up and thinking of our future and how people think of us that we forget the (probably) real purpose of why we are alive. To live.

Not to impress family, friends, and strangers alike but to spend time and make memories with them. It doesn’t take me long to realize that but it’s surprising how most people are so obsessed with the idea of being successful and leaving legacies, that they forget about the people around them. Just live your life. You exist for yourself not for others to criticize you. The world may be scary but that adds excitement to life. We never know how things will turn out in the end. The unknown is ours to roam. Own it. Exist for yourself. Live.





*Nicole Zefanya is a really lovely Youtuber who makes amazing song covers and even more amazing-er originial songs. Little souls is only one of her original compositions. If you want to check her out here’s her channel.

**No, I’m not failing my subjects. I just went from the top student of the class down to the fifth. I’m such a disappointment.